Angela Wilson
Southern Oregon
Telephone: 541-826-2862
Rogue Valleys Gettin’ Jiggy aka Jigs
Australian labradoodle
Black and white Tuxedo
22” 38 pounds
Ofa: good
PenHIP: 80th %
Ofa eyes: clear
Labradoodle dna panel: clear for all diseases
Jigs is a very sweet natured boy. He is a very calm, layed back boy who loves his guardian mommy. He does have a bit of a naughty side as he
likes to steal things off the counter!
H&H Red Canon Rhett
F1 labradoodle
24” 65 pounds
Ofa: good
PenHIP 90th %
Ofa eyes: normal
Labradoodle dna panel: clear for all diseases
Rhett is a gentle giant. He is full of fun, silly energy. We love this boy lots. Thank you Rosie for this awsome boy.
Desert Winds Dreamy Denzel aka Henry.
Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Color: chocolate
Size: 19” 27 pounds
Health testing
Ofa good
PenHip: 80th %
Ofa eyes: normal
Labradoodle dna panel: clear for all diseases
OH Henry....what can I say about this boy...he is a true pleasure. We love this boy so so much. He is silly,sweet,happy,confident and he LOVES
everyone and everyone loves Henry. He has been a huge asset to our breeding program. He passes on his amazing personality to his all of his
babies. Thank you Tracy for this beautiful boy.
Rogue Valleys Captain Jack
Australian labradoodle
Chocolate and white parti
38 pounds 22”
Ofa: good
Ofa elbows: normal
Labradoodle dna panel: clear for all diseases
Ofa eyes: normal
Jack is the daddy to many of our Labradoodles. He is the sweetest boy ever and he passes this on to all of his pups. He is a happy,confident,loving
boy. He has a very unique trait that he passes onto 99% of his offspring...he smiles showing off all his beautiful teeth!  
Rogue Valleys Missing Link.
Moyen poodle
22 pounds
Health testing
OFA Hips and elbows, PenHIP, Ofa eyes, full dna panel.
We couldn’t be happier with this lil cutie pie. He is a fun, crazy lil guy.