Hi Angela...I have wonderful things to say about your pups.  Sorry it took me a few days to sit down and do this....but here ya go.

A little over 10 years ago my husband and I got a black labradoodle from Rogue Valley Doodles. He was the most amazing pup
and still the most amazing dog.  I contacted Angela a few months ago as we were ready to have another dog.  I requested an
exact replica of the dog we currently have (Porter.)  To my amazement and joy Angela provided us with a "mini me" for Porter
and gave us another beautiful, black doodle that we named Stout.  His personality was also exactly what we were looking for.  
He knows when to play hard outside and when to rest and be calm indoors. He is amazing with our young children too!  I have
had numerous family members and friends purchase dogs from Rogue Doodles over the years.  They have all had amazing
dogs and wonderful experiences with Angela.  

Angela...I truly want to thank you for Stout.  He is absolutely amazing.  I was wondering how it would be now that we have 2
small children taking up our time.  When we got Porter, it was all about him.  But this puppy has been pure joy for all of us.  
Couldn't have asked for a better puppy or a better experience.

Thanks you!
The Emory Family
T.J, Amy, Troy, & Abby
Dear Angela
We did a lot of research before getting a puppy. For us, the breeder, the living conditions of the puppy, and how they were taken
care of were top priority. I bought and read Cesar Milan’s book, “How to Raise the Perfect Dog.” I found that Angela and her
puppies fit right into his criteria when picking a puppy. I also read reviews in her and saw that a lot of people not only bought
one puppy, but would buy another from her years after they bought their first. That was a good sign to me. We went and visited
her and her puppies to check out her place and we found it very clean, welcoming, and efficiently ran. Angela was very helpful
and informative from the beginning, always answering all my many many questions. She was very patient with us and was
willing to help us find the perfect puppy that would fit into our family. We ended up with the BEST puppy. He is so loving and has
the best temperament. Even after getting him, she still helped me with questions and concerns I had about raising him. I highly
recommend Angela and Rogue Valley Doodles.

Kristen & Chris Salas

Dear Angela

Rogue is awesome.  He's also made to be in front of a camera and hugely popular on our Facebook
page for McGlinn's.  people have even contacted Ellen Show to get him on there.  Lol.  He is smart
and like an old soul.  He's extremely athletic and amazing hiker.  He did a 14 mile hike last weekend
and did incredible.  He is also HUGE which I am loving. Vet thinks he will be 75lbs and maybe bigger
from all his activity and good diet.   You should follow our Facebook and watch him grow.  

Thanks again.  
Couldn't be more pleased.  
Hi Angela,

I wanted to send you a testimonial for the website along with pictures of Mugsy. He is truly a
spectacular dog.
Mugsy is such a great tempered and lovable dog, who is awesome as a family dog, just great with
the kids. He loves to run and play and has accumulated a huge stuffed animal collection, to which he
knows all of them by 'name'. He is super smart and I am glad to have picked you as my breeder. You
really do breed great dogs! I have attached the photos to this email for you to use on your website.

Ann Horowitz
Hi Angela,

Hope you and your family had a great Christmas. We were thinking about you guys. I wanted to send a
few pics of Dutchess' first time in the snow. She had so much fun. We have really enjoyed her.
Dutchess is a wonderful puppy and truly a great breed. Everyone who sees her stops us to pet and
ask questions about her. She loves her puppy classes and comes home completely worn out after
training and playing with the other puppies. We hope you guys have a wonderful new year, and hope
your puppies have been going to wonderful homes. I have been thinking about your goldendoodles a
lot. Hopefully they have homes now. Would love to see some recent pics of them if you have any.

We wish you well.
All the best,
Kandice and Dino... and Dutchess too.
Hi Angela,
So sorry to take forever to get you some pics of Louka.  You probably  have a whole new set by now.  
Here justice to how stunningly beautiful he is.  And the softest thing you  ever felt.
We love, love, love him.  We cannot imagine our little Pack without  him.  He is very fun.  Very playful,
very bratty and a little naughty  and irreverent.  (read "Thief").  Fits our family just perfectly!!  He  
knows his place well and is completely respectful of all the boys.  He is around 48 pounds, and has
sort of topped out.  I am guessing he  will fill out some more, but he is not as big as we thought he
would  get.  Which is just fine.  For a while there we thought we would end  up with a 95 pound dog!!
Has recently discovered that he is a water dog.  There were a few  interesting moments when I
thought I was going in after him to save  him, but he figured out that his hind legs can help with
swimming too,  and he pretty much has it down now
I hope all is well with you.  Thanks for our awesome dog.

Our sweet Archie is doing great!  We are enjoying him so much.  

Seems like his biggest challenge now is learning to go to the bathroom outside instead of
inside the house......but we're confident he will get it soon!

Porter met his half sister Ruby in Puppy class last week, boy did they have fun......he is
growing like a weed (25lbs) smart as a whip, he is settling in well. Porter and Greg at 3
1/2 months, he's got on a scarf
Hi Angela,

I'll have to send some more but this is mal's favorite. This is his teenage I know more than you
look:) We have to stop by the restaurant the next time we are in Medford. He has a beautiful
coat and a great personality. We love him!

Hi Angela!

It has been a while...I can't believe Jellybean is already 4 1/2 months old! Although she seems like a
year old puppy in her behavior(most of the time) She is sooooo mature and smart!! We love her so
much! She is the softest, cuddliest lover of any dog I've ever had. Her coat got more curly, which I
love..We picked the perfect puppy for us.
My husband took this picture on our property with his phone!! Turned out great! Black dogs are VERY
hard to take a good picture of...I had no idea.

Thank you!

Merrill, Gerry and Mayson   
Hi Angela,                                                        

So sorry to take forever to get you some pics of Louka. You probably have a whole new set by now.  
Here are a few photos of our beautiful dog. As you know, black is tough to photograph nicely.  They
don't do justice to how stunningly beautiful he is. And the softest thing you ever felt.We love, love,
love him. We cannot imagine our little Pack without him. He is very fun. Very playful, very bratty and a
little naughty and irreverent.  (read "Thief").  Fits our family just perfectly!!  He knows his place well
and is completely respectful of all the boys. I hope all is well with you.  Thanks for our  awesome dog