We are a family who breeds Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.
Our breeding policy is simple, we breed beautiful, well bred dogs to
provide beautiful well bred puppies. We have chose to only have one
litter at a time. We made this decision so we can provide our puppies
and moms the best attention, care and love. Each puppy is truly a
blessing, we eagerly await those 58-63 days. By the time the puppies  
arrive there is much excitement in our house. From day one puppies
are spoiled and loved until they go to their forever homes. Our
puppies and adult dogs are not a commodity to use, they are a part of
our family. Our goal is to provide a well socialized, healthy puppy that
will bring your family years of joy.

" Our pups are hand made"
Angela Wilson
Southern Oregon
Telephone: 541-826-2862
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